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Posted on July 30, 2012 by admin
General Contractor

With the economy showing signs of recovery, homeowners are feeling more confident about investing their home again. According to Washington Examiner, most people are remodeling their bathroom with a general contractor in Los Angeles. Kitchen remodeling and adding a room come in second and third rank respectively. They also report that over the last two years, bathroom remodeling projects have raised by 17% nationwide. All of these three are great options, but if you live anywhere in southern California, you will want to expand your living space, in other words add another room.

Room addition in Los Angeles can be very advantageous; you gain more usable living space and can easily add more comfort. Creating usable living space means to reconstruct a part of your house that was previously not being used very much and replace it with something more useful. For example, if your family doesn’t use the patio very much then you could extend the kitchen into it. You could also add a guest room if the space permits; this would be a very nice feature when guests arrive. Any sort of room addition or extension will create more usable space in your house and add luxury and comfort. Take a look at our gallery for examples.

Adding a room or extending one can also increase the asking price of your house and be a very good investment. According to, room addition projects will approximately get back 85% of the investment. An entirely new room could be an enticing feature of a house to a buyer. In addition to adding a room, you can also make it energy efficient. In the current market, this is very much desired. You can add solar tube skylights to the new room. These lights look like recessed lights, can be dimmed to control brightness, and can save a lot of money.

All in all, if you live in southern California, you will want to add more living space to your house because it is more desired. You can add another room or extend a previously built one so that it gives you more comfort and luxury. Also, installing skylights in the new addition can make your house energy efficient and save you money. All of these factors make the value of your home increase.