In today’s economy, businesses market to the gay and lesbian community

Posted on March 23, 2012 by admin
General Contractor

In today’s economy, businesses market to the gay and lesbian community

In today’s competitive economy, businesses look to expand their markets by targeting as many demographic groups as possible. Businesses are looking to not only market their products and services based on race or ethnic background, but also on sexual orientation. According to the market research firm, Witeck-Combs, the gay and lesbian purchasing power is expected to have surpassed $835 billion in 2011. For marketers and advertisers, this has become an important market to reach.

Not only is it large corporations seeking the gay and lesbian market, local businesses throughout the US are finding ways to reach and promote their products to this market. One example are Gay and Lesbian Directories, such as the southern California-based, which provides a comprehensive and long list of gay and lesbian-friendly businesses throughout the region. Local business and advertisers are turning to this type of Gay Business Directory publications to reach a market that could potentially be very lucrative.

Ivory CND, a General Contractor Los Angeles-based construction and home remodeling company, is one of many businesses who has throughout the years, sought the Gay and Lesbian market in southern California.  Local businesses such as this one are also supporting organizations who advocate for Gay and Lesbian rights. These business like room addition Hollywood Hills, help not only the economy but also advocate for the rights of people regardless of their background.

According to market research firms, it is estimated that Gay and Lesbian households have a 20.4% higher income than heterosexual ones. However, this is not the only reason why companies seek the gay and lesbian market. Companies are finding out that this market can not only be loyal, but usually is well-connected and produces referrals. Other noteworthy facts are: 83 percent of Gay and Lesbians have graduated or attended college, and 89 percent seek out brands or are brand conscientious.

Gay yellow pages and other types of publications are a great way of reaching the Gay and Lesbian market.