General Contractors

Posted on February 23, 2012 by admin
General Contractor


As times change, trends change. Every individual expects a different, new model and new look interior and exterior design for their houses, office, Hotels, etc. General contractors deal such big projects like remodeling of homes, buildings works and rebuilds. They first make a rough sketch called a plan and then get an approval from the owners.

Building a new house is easier than remodeling the old which needs a lot of ingenuity.  Remodeling is a complex project so handling to a general contractor is inevitable.  Ivory CND can take on projects like kitchen remodeling Westwood and improve your house easily. Remodeling unorganized houses or buildings will double your expenditure, time and even effort. Reliable Contractors can manage everything within the given due date.

General contractors or main contractors first provide you the rough sketch called as plan of the remodeling projects including: kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room extension, room additions, exterior and interior renovation, roofing, driveways, landscape and pool designing and more.

If you can choose a correct contractor you can get your dream home with all your expectations and satisfaction. It is important to determine contractor’s reputation and reliability. The better choice is to choose well experience general contractor rather than the younger or newly started business contractors. It is essential to ask the license of the contractor to ensure that he is qualified or not for the work.  Similarly, it is important to ask his insurance to determine whether his workers are insured or not and even license for latent defects and damage to your home. This insurance may include latent defects or professional indemnity, where problems arrived after construction can be remade with free of charge. Opting for two or three contractors gets you professionalism to measure their work and skills. This option even reduces or saves your expenditure. The last but not the least point: 33% of total expenditure should be given to the general contractors and remaining payment has to be done after the completion of work. Some contractors even give discount if the work is not completed within the aspired time.

Ivory construction & design is one of the main and best contracting deals in Los Angeles because of using best quality materials such as stone, wood and marble are used. They also supply exercise rooms, Jacuzzi, sauna and workout centers. It is a certified, bonded and insured company, servicing Los Angeles area, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, South Bay, San Pedro, Long Beach, San Fernando Valley, and more…